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LEATHER TRE Executive Office Tables

LEATHER TRE Collection of Executive Office Tables and Conference Tables is the ultimate expression of craftsmanship.
The design of this collection, with its criss-cross of geometric lines, confers absolute stylistic perfection and a perfect balance of form.
L3 Executive Office Tables are available in various finishes so you can add a personal touch to your office: the desktops are available in leather or glass.
L3 Leather Office Tables are fully covered in high-quality 2,5 mm thickness hard leather.
The knowing preparation of the leather with “saddle-style” seams gives the collection its unmistakable look.The leather bases are fitted with cable ducts:
and, on request, multimedia boxes with electrical, HDMI, RJ45, VGA, USB, audio sockets:
Also is available the system with two retractile cables inside the base which can be reached and pulled out via a small leather door
measuring 6.5 x 6.5 cm and inserted in the table top.
Leather Executive Tables Collection comes with Leather Chairs designed specifically for this collection.

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L300 Red Leather Office Desk
Italian Red Leather Office Desk with Rectangular top covered in 2,5 mm thickness leather. The ...
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Price6 123
L301 Glass Top Office Desk
L301 Glass Top Executice Office Desk with Leather Legs
Price without VAT:4 850
Price5 869
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