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Office furniture
Executive Office Furniture

Classic Style Office Furniture

MOBILIARDI® introduces Wooden Classic & Traditional Style Executive Office Furniture.
Wood is a noble material because it is an integral part of nature.

It is the only raw material that continues to grow even while we are sleeping.
Wooden Classic Style Office Furniture is synonymous with exclusivity, uniqueness and combination of precious materials, curvature of the natural woods and inlays.
The inlay is a type of decoration that is realized by combining minute pieces of wood or other materials of different colors. It is the art of composing decorations, mosaics or real drawings, using only valuable wood.
Spreading already in the fourteenth century, right up to the 15th century, inlay remained an art form, practiced mainly only in Italy.
Precious and refined products which are also functional for everyday living.
"Fashion passes, style remains” (Coco Chanel).

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C100 Classic Style Desk
C100 Classic Style Wooden Writing Desk in the form of book.
Price6 130,-
C200 Italian Style Desk
C200 Italian Classic Style Writing Desk.
Price from5 770,-
C300 Classic Office Desk
C300 Traditional Classic Style Home Office Wooden Desk with leather.
Price9 870,-
Coffee table C301
Price4 740,-
C400 Classic Executive Desk
C400 Italian Classic Executive Office Writing Desk
Price6 470,-
Bookcase ZEBRANO
ZEBRANO Glass Cabinet Bookcase with transparent crystal central sliding panel.
Price12 369,-
FESTA Bookcase
FESTA Glass Cabinet Bookcase.
Price8 075,-
Modular Bookcase POIS
Modular Glass Cabinet Bookcase POIS.
Price13 320,-
Glass Vitrine FRAMES
Wooden Glass Vitrine FRAMES with internal illumination.
Price10 460,-
Sideboard Cabinet TWO PICTURES with Glass and Wood Door
Price11 340,-
AC4 Luxury Armchair
AC4 Italian Luxury Classic Style made of solid wood covered with embroidered leather.
Price from3 050,-
AC5 Classic Armchair
AC5 Classic Italian Leather Armchair.
Price3 480,-
CLASSIC Conference Table made of of solid walnut.
Price from6 571,-
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