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Klöber Duera Ergonomic Office Chair

DUERA is one of the most successful Ergonomic Office Chairs made by Klöber. With their highly developed ergonomic features they are proven to promote health in the workplace.
The backrest is made of three-dimensional malleable mesh fabric, providing dynamic support for the back.
The comfortable seat upholstery offers a high level of comfort.

The patented quick-set adjustment provides a perfect state of equilibrium for the user‘s individual bodyweight. The seat and backrest follow the sitter’s movements closely thanks to the pointsynchro mechanism.
Klöber Duera Chair offers individual solutions for sitting: for standard workplaces, executive offices, conference rooms and open-space offices.
Tall or short, slim or broad, light or heavy - this Ergonomic Office Chair offers every user maximum seated comfort.
DUERA product range:
- Duera task chairs
- Duera XL chairs
- Duera 24H chairs.

Kloeber Duera XL Chair with Cappuccino Seat
Kloeber Duera XL Big and Tall Office Chair adds the wider range of adjustments to the existing ...
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