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Interactive Stationary BIKE

Interactive Stationary BIKE is the Elite-branded product that becomes a sculptural element with an iconic image.
Made in Italy, created with natural refined materials and super performing, the innovative indoor stationary bike introduces a totally new design that highlights beauty, elegance and clean lines.
Innovative Stationary BIKE

It fits right in residential, professional or hôtellerie settings.
Working out indoors has no time or seasonal constraints. Home Office BIKE becomes an integral part of any workout session, as through technology you can obtain performances you’d have a hard time having outdoors.
Available in two colour variants, black painted wood or natural wood:



The OLED display on the handlebar gives all the info so you can intuitively manage its functions.
Just as in the interactive hometrainers, the Stationary BIKE
electronically manages resistance via the double ANT+™ FE-C, PWR, S&C and Bluetooth communication protocols.
This smart BIKE wirelessly interacts with any app, software, computer, cycle computer, smartphone and tablet on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.

That’s why Interactive Stationary BIKE can be interfaced with My E-Training software (includes a free 36-month subscription), with Zwift and all other indoor cycling platforms such as TrainerRoad, Kinomap, Rouvy, The Sufferfest, Bikevo and many more.

Stationary BIKE also includes a rechargeable lithium battery with provided power supply and 10 hrs autonomy, so you can always enjoy wire-free training sessions.


The two levers used to adjust resistance are in aluminium alloy - an intuitive way to virtually shift gears and manage the front and rear gears of the bicycle, as if you were on the road.

When used in the Simulation or ERG mode you can increase or decrease the target power with the right lever and select up to 16 resistance levels with the left one.

These two levers that adjust resistance are also useful in the standalone mode.

What makes this luxury object a perfect and effective training instrument is also the integrated magnetic technology power meter that picks up power output with ±2,5% accuracy.

Designed for perfect fitting – from “S” size to “XL” size – as both the saddle and the handlebar are adjustable, so you can customize your
BIKE depending on your physique and maintain the proper posture while working out.
An accessory for XXL sze is available on request.
Featuring a rechargeable battery, the BIKE can be freely installed as it needs no power supply.
Maximum Load - 110kg

Iconic and uncommon, the perfect combination of accuracy, interactivity and cutting-edge italian design.
Stationary BIKE brings forth a new way of visualizing the concepts of well-being and workouts with a sophisticated approach to design.
A highly appealing, very refined product to show off, with ergonomic solutions, high-tech content and technical accuracy.
It differs from traditional sports devices for its formal line and warmer-coloured materials.
Stationary BIKE can be positioned indoors or even outdoors, under covered areas.


  1. virtual coach
  2. OLED display
  3. safety brake
  4. virtual gear shifter
  5. adjustable and replaceable saddle
  6. saddle height adjustable sleeve
  7. saddle lock wrench
  8. solid ash wood
  9. 10 hrs battery charge
  10. aerial for communications ANT and bluetooth
  11. tempered glass: supports loads up to 110 kg
  12. universal replaceable pedals
  13. integrated power meter with ±2,5% accuracy
  14. integrated brake pads
  15. belt transmission: ensuring total quietness
  16. freewheel bearing
  17. multilayered glass flywheel
  18. handlebar adjustment sleeve
Indoor Interactive STATIONARY BIKE Natural Ash Wood
Indoor Interactive STATIONARY BIKE Natural Ash Wood introduces a totally new design that highlights ...
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