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Office furniture
Executive Office Furniture

HI-TECH CINQUE Office Furniture

HI-TECH CINQUE Executive Office Furniture is an exclusive and high-class collection of furnishing accessories, made of top quality and prized materials such as leather, steel, aluminium and glass.
HT5 Hi-Tech Executive Office Furniture is suitable for furnishing executive offices, meeting rooms and high prestige homes.
HI-TECH Executive Office Furniture

Hi-Tech Glass Top Stainless Steel Legs Desk

Hi-Tech Executive Office Desk

- Desk with Glass or Leather Top.

- Frame in black hammer finish steel.

- Base in satin-finish stainless steel.


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HT500 Hi-Tech Office Furniture
HT500 Hi-Tech Executive Office Furniture consisting of a Glass Top Desk with stainless steel base ...
Price without VAT:3 562,-
Price4 310,-
HT501 Hi-Tech Glass Top Office Desk
Hi-Tech Glass Top Office Desk with black lacquered hammer finish steel frame and with tempered ...
Price without VAT:1 942,-
Price2 350,-
HT502 Office Desk with Leather Top
HT502 Executive Office Desk with Leather Top and base in satin-finish stainless steel and frame in ...
Price without VAT:2 463,-
Price2 980,-
HT503 Curved Leather Top Desk
HT503 Curved Leather Top Executive Office Desk in Hi-Tech style with base in satin-finish stainless ...
Price without VAT:2 612,-
Price3 160,-
HT506 Hi-Tech Furniture
Introducing HT506 Executive Office Desk in the Hi-Tech style with a Top in extra high quality ...
Price without VAT:3 678,-
Price4 450,-
HT507 Hi-Tech Furniture
Price without VAT:3 463,-
Price4 190,-


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