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Cool Design Office Desk

DESIGN DUE is not merely a Cool Design Executive Office Desk but a dynamic fusion of form and function, transcending the conventional boundaries of office furniture.
This avant-garde masterpiece redefines the essence of executive workspaces, seamlessly blending utility with artistic elegance.
DESIGN DUE is more than just a utilitarian surface; it metamorphoses into a captivating sculpture, a symbol of distinction, and a tangible embodiment of refined sophistication.
This visionary desk represents the evolution of executive design, navigating towards a modern paradigm that liberates itself from the shackles of traditional typologies.

Cool Design Executive Office Desk
Departing from the mundane, DESIGN DUE Cool Office Desk invites you to engage with a contemporary concept of furniture, where every curve and contour narrates a story of innovation and aesthetic liberation.
Immerse yourself in the boundless realm of DESIGN DUE Desk, where functionality dances in harmony with artistic expression, creating an executive desk that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.

The model integrates in a single block the desk top with the extension cabinet.
The suspended worktop, which seems almost to defy the laws of gravity, contrasts with the solid space of the sideboard that counteracts, even optically, the balance.
The desk top rests on a black painted steel frame, made with 15 mm thick plates welded and fixed together by bolts.
This frame is then fixed to the extension unit.
There is a open unit with one shelf on the external side.
The desk top is made of particle board panel veneered in ebony type wood or covered in leather.
Under the top there is a steel covering element covered in black saddle leather.
The inner side of the return cabinet is equipped with 3 drawers and two doors all with push & pull opening system.
Hole on the top of the desk cm. 32x12 with the insertion of a steel box.
Manufacturing job of a hole on the top of the desk cm. 32x12 with the insertion of a steel box black varnished with a steel cap.

Inside the box there are 2x universal power sockets, 1x Schuko, 2xUSB, 1x Audio 3.5, 1x HDMI, 2x RJ45.

Designer Executive Office Desk

DESIGN DUE Cabinet is a piece of furniture with integrated functionality and characterized by the extraordinary quality provided by the exquisite ebony wood veneer.

Ebony type wood.

Base is always lacquered in Black.

Internal structure
Particle board panels veneered in ebony wood or Black melamine coated panels.

Fronts of doors and drawers
Ebony type wood or covered in Leather.

The Drawers are made of matt black lacquered beech plywood.

Ebony Wood Veneer Cabinet 

Cool Design Executive Office Desk
Cool Design Executive Office Desk invites you to engage with a contemporary concept of furniture, ...
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Ebony Wood Veneer Cabinet
Ebony Wood Veneer Cabinet features exceptional quality thanks to its exquisite ebony veneer.
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