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Executive Office Furniture & Chairs

BUSINESS CINQUE Minimalist Office Furniture

BUSINESS CINQUE Modern Minimalist CEO Office Furniture is unique environment for unique people.
Luxury desks, enriched by top quality materials. Essential, geometric shapes characterizing a minimalistic but stylish design.
Fitted shelves, overlapping corners: B5 interpretation of prestige is revealed through lines and perspectives which have been designed to impress.
Modern Minimalist CEO Office Furniture
Executive Office Desks are designed to help executives efficiently utilize their workspace and have everything they need at hand.
The desk with an attached right- or left-sided tabletop and top access is the perfect solution.
The additional surface is suitable for placing documents, and the built-in hatch will conceal a large number of device cables.

Office Desk for Efficiency-Oriented Executives:


1. Desktop
2. Side panel and extension
3. Top access
4. Pedestal
5. Modesty panel

Office Desk for Efficiency-Oriented Executives


Wooden surfaces are highlighted by a light edging of the black aluminium top

The junction between the leg and the worktop
Worktops and structural sides create a perfect game of different thicknesses.

The perimeter of the tabletop is finished with a black aluminum profile, adding an elegant touch.

Combined with it, the working surface of the desk appears even more graceful, seemingly floating above the sturdy base thanks to a small gap created by attaching the tabletop to the frame with round metal supports.


Perfect harmony of materials and design

The collection evolves through the combination of different materials, wood and glass.
Colours become an element of great distinction.
The collection includes several options of work desks with wooden and glass tabletops on L-shaped supporting pedestals and panel supports, framed with black aluminum.

The desks are complemented with a side or briefing attachment and a mobile or stationary pedestal with various storage configurations.

Rovere Executive Office Desk
Stationary Pedestal

Mobile and Stationary Pedestal

For acoustic comfort in the office, pedestals of the BUSINESS CINQUE series is equipped with soft-closing mechanisms for silent drawer closing.

They also feature a hidden compartment for storing stationery, a central lock, and metal handles spanning almost the entire width of the fronts.

When combined with the extension top, the desk is complemented by a pedestal, creating a unique composition of panels arranged in a chessboard pattern.


Low, Medium and High Cabinets

Office Cabinets, designed to store documents, personal items, books, outerwear, and more, play a crucial role in furnishing the executive office.

These cabinets are expertly crafted to match the writing desks, creating a cohesive and stylish environment.

Monolith Cabinets
In an office setting, the combination of solid cabinets with a mix of open and closed glass and wooden door sections creates a harmonious and visually pleasing look.
These cabinets can be arranged and customized according to the client's preferences.

 Meeting Tables

For meetings with important company guests, BUSINESS CINQUE furniture series offers office desks with rectangular and square tabletops.
The optimal solution for a spacious office is a 240cm long rectangular desk with wooden supports.
It comfortably accommodates 6 people for extended conversations in comfortable chairs.
For added convenience, the desk is equipped with a contrasting black cable management system, complementing the surface finish.
The conference table features a 1000mm x 1000mm wooden tabletop and a black metal column base with a round foundation.
It seamlessly blends into various interior styles, providing a welcoming atmosphere for productive brief meetings.

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