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BUSINESS QUATTRO Versatile Meeting Tables are designed for negotiation and collaborative work, featuring an aluminum frame, flush-mounted top and rounded edges, defining a new style.
Versatile Meeting Tables
Mobile tables with wheels for training or group work
Compact wheeled modular elements are easy to move from place to place and can be arranged to create one large table, providing seating for a specific number of people.

Rectangular Black Meeting Table

Rectangular Black Meeting Table

Rounded Edges Define a New Style

The corner joint, in die-cast aluminium, connects the perimeter profiles and contains the flush top, conferring softness and elegance to the desk.

For maximum user comfort, the tables are optionally equipped with Top Access featuring a cover and cable trays.

 Square Black Meeting Table

Square Black Meeting Table
Meetings are held at square tables with central access from above.

Transparent Glass Screens

For comfortable and focused work, tables can be equipped with screens made of 5-millimeter tempered glass with rounded corners.

They are installed in the central profile of the table and serve several functions at once: organizing the workspace, protecting against external noise, bacterial spread, and enhancing the tables' visual appeal.

Meeting Desk with Glass Screen
Meeting Table with Wire Management Cable Management Solutions for Meeting Table
Kit of Sockets on Desktop with Power Cable L.200 cm


For flexible and interconnected work, the series suggests using built-in accessories for electrification on the table structure or located on work surfaces:

- SCHUKO socket set, USB (2 ports A + C) in white or black color, and a 2-meter power cable;

- Set of Ø40 mm rings (4 pieces) made of gray, black, or white ABS plastic, which are attached to the table base for cable routing;

- Cable cover made of 0.7 mm thick metal sheet in matte black, white, moss green, and gray stone colors, with 3 magnets that attach to the table base.

Cable Routing Under the Desk
Various Colour Combinations of Legs and Worktops

Meeting Table with White Legs and Oak Worktop
Stone Grey Rectangular Meeting Table
Stone Grey Rectangular Meeting Table with top access and cable tray featuring an aluminium frame, ...
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Black Rectangular Meeting Table
The sleek Black Rectangular Meeting Table, equipped with convenient top access, a discreet cable ...
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