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OKAMURA CYNARA Orange Red Chairs
OKAMURA CYNARA Orange Red ChairsOKAMURA CYNARA Hollow Soft Casters
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Made in: OKAMURA, Japan
Product condition: Brand new chair in original packaging
Load: 120 kg
Weight: 9 kg
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OKAMURA CYNARA Orange Red Office & Conference Room Chairs with Orange Red mesh Orange Red base&body and Orange Red wheels are the lightest possible office chairs with minimalistic styling and simple clean-cut design that offers superior lightness and fit a wide range of body types.

OKAMURA CYNARA Orange Red Office & Conference Room Chairs combine beauty, ergonomics and sustainability.
Experience the impossible lightness and effortless support of CYNARA, a task chair that integrates intuitive, responsive functionality with a clean-cut, refined aesthetic to complete any work setting.


Orange Red.
Upholstery: Mesh Back / Mesh Seat.
Upholstery Color: Orange Red.
Castors: Hollow Casters.
CYNARA Comfortable Seating Features:
1. Smart Ankle Tilt Reclining
The most simple and intuitive adjustment system possible to delivery the ultimate comfortable seating.
The soft angular lines of Cynara’s frame functionally provide flexion that supports the healthy, natural S-curvature of the spine in motion.
OKAMURA CYNARA S Curved Back Chair
2. Impossibly Light
CYNARA's All-In-One Frame has ensured that the functionality of the chair is simpler and more effective than ever.
OKAMURA CYNARA is the lightest possible task office chair.
Product weight: 9 kg.
The lightest office chair
3. Free recline or upright lock
The lever under Cynara’s left side invites you to control the back position.
Choose upright lock or recline freely, by up to 12 degrees.
CYNARA Chair Free recline
4. Height adjustment
Adjust the seat height by up to 110mm (4 5/16”) to achieve the perfect fit, via the easy-to-reach lever under Cynara’s right side.
Okamura Cynara Chair Height adjustment
5. Hollow Soft Casters
Hollow wheel casters enhance the product’s sense of lightness and visually connect the chair with its surroundings.
OKAMURA CYNARA Hollow Soft Casters

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