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C1 Italian Classic Style Furniture

C1 Italian Classic Style Wodden Furniture is a romantic artistic vision translated into functional furniture art.
It is designed to inspire, to be appreciated by romantics, dreamers, poets, lovers of life and the arts.

This Italian Furniture Collection transcends all styles and is timeless and at home and office in a traditional or modern environment.

C100 Classic Style Writing Desk
C100 Classic Style Wooden Writing Desk in the form of book.
Price without VAT:7 199,-
Price8 711,-
FESTA Cabinet Bookcase
FESTA Glass Cabinet Bookcase.
Price without VAT:6 674,-
Price8 075,-
Modular Glass Bookcase POIS
Modular Glass Cabinet Bookcase POIS.
Price without VAT:11 008,-
Price13 320,-
Wooden Glass Vitrine FRAMES
Wooden Glass Vitrine FRAMES with internal illumination.
Price without VAT:8 645,-
Price10 460,-
Sideboard Cabinet TWO PICTURES
Sideboard Cabinet TWO PICTURES with Glass and Wood Door
Price without VAT:9 372,-
Price11 340,-
AC5 Classic Italian Armchair
AC5 Classic Italian Leather Armchair.
Price without VAT:4 660,-
Price5 639,-
AC4 Luxury Classic Style Armchair | Leather, Extra luxury
AC4 Italian Luxury Classic Style made of solid wood covered with embroidered leather.
Price without VAT from:3 390,-
Price from4 102,-


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