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Italian Company DELLA ROVERE

Della Rovere is an entirely Italian company which for over 30 years marks the difference on the Italian and  International market with its wide set of office furniture production. The group employs 90 people and has a production area of 15,000 square meters; it works with more than 100 Countries the world over, and deals with satellite industries going over 300 people.

Quality, design and product innovation are always able to meet every customer’s needs. The production system and the sales management makes the company different among its many competitors workingas furniture manufacturers.

There are many reasons leading to achieve such a success and for sure the main one is that Della Rovere always focuses its attention on the quality of approaching its sales’ network, by offering first of all total and transparent collaboration with its own dealers. As a matter of fact they are the main link to a whole network which is really able to make a company influent and leader in its own branch.

Della Rovere produces italian office furniture with an extensive collection of desks, chairs, tables, sofas and bookcases.
The italian office furniture Della Rovere is ideal for creating work environments designed for people and for their well being.

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