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UNO Executive Black Mesh Chair

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Product condition: Brand new chair in original packaging
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UNO Ergonomic Executive Black Mesh Chair with Unique Back Automatic Supporting (BAS) System and Paddle Shift Wire Control System - Control On The Fingers:

ERREVO UNO Ergonomic Executive Office Black Mesh Chair with two Unique Systems:
Back Automatic Supporting (BAS) System
- Paddle Shift Wire Control System - Control On The Fingers.
Control On The Fingers
We adopt the design concept of the Gear Shifting Paddles of the Formula One into operating switches of UNO Ergonomic Chairs on the lower side of armrests.
The control Paddles are connected with a pulling mechanism utilizing high strength steal cables.
Without changing the sitting position, users can adjust the Seat Height and Backrest Tilting with 0.32 seconds, which is 8 times faster than normal chairs.
Paddle Shift Armrest Control 

Aluminum Frame: 
Upholstery: Mesh Back / Mesh Seat
Headrest: Adjustable
Lumbar Support
Castors: Soft.

UNO Chair Comfortable Seating Features:
1. Back Automatic Supporting (BAS) System
BAS System gives your back comfortable support.
For users, when you work and sit for a long time, the most stressful part of your body is your waist.
Long-term stress can lead to lumbar disc herniation and other occupational diseases.
The backrest has two parts with intelligent elastic rotation device on the connection of its parts.
The upper part can rotate within 10° and the lower part can rotate within 15°, without any adjustment, to automatically fit different people's weight, shape, sitting posture and tilting angle.
Most importantly, it will help your back always attach on the chair backrest, give you a full and comfortable back & waist supporting.

BAS (Back Automatic Supporting) System

2. Double Spring Paddle Shift Wire Control  Mechanism

It contains over 90 individual components, including gears, linkages, shafts, blocks, shields etc., precisely assembled under 9 steps.
This mechanism could adjust 15 levels under 33 degrees tilting angles by simple operation, while normal chairs have only 4-6 levels under 28 degree.
It is much more safe and offer user a incredibly smooth backrest recline experience.

Double Spring Paddle Shift Wire Control  Mechanism
3. Seat Heihgt Adjustment
The seat height can be adjusted with the lever in the right armrest.
Seat Height Adjustment
4. Reclining Position Lock
The reclining angle can be adjusted with the lever located in the left armrest. You can choose either free rocking or your favorite angle (in five positions).
UNO Backrest Title Adjustment

5. Title Tension Adjustment
A dial for adjusting rocking tension enables you to set the reclining resistance to meet your body shape and posture.

6. Seat Depth Adjustment
The seat depth can be adjusted for 5 positions within 40mm by pressing the button on the left side of the seat.

7. Back Height Adjustment
The backrest slider is made by 15mm thickness polished aluminum alloy, which can be adjusted in 4 different levels within 4 cm, and it can fit and help relax for different height of users.

8. Adjustable Armrests
The PU cover Armrest can pivot within 30°.
The armrest height can be adjusted in 6 levels within 6cm in cyclic structure. When the armrest goes to the highest position, it goes to its original position.

9. Adjustable Headrest

10. Customized Five Star Base Sleeve for Gas Lift
When you tilt the chair back of an ordinary chair, you may hear noise from the gas lift, this is caused by a mismatch between the five star base and the gas lift. So we add a customized base sleeve to avoid the noise, also protect the appearance of the gas lift.

11. Silent Casters
Casters are equipped with noise reducing caps between the hole of base and caster, avoid the noise caused by aluminum friction.
Casters Silent
12. Premium Breathable Mesh
The mesh is made by Wintex high quality materials, with good hand feeling, air permeability and elasticity.
The mesh is with 3 layers, Polyester fibre, Dupont yarn and Polyester Fibre, which offer better sitting experience to users.

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