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OKAMURA LUCE White body Aqua Blue Mesh Chair

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OKAMURA LUCE White body Aqua Blue Mesh Chair
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Made in: OKAMURA, Japan
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OKAMURA LUCE Gradated Supportive Aqua Blue Mesh Office Chair with White Body is a totally new kind of ergonomic chair with innovative Robot Leg Technology that facilitates standing, making it particularly suitable for active work where you are required to stand up frequently.

OKAMURA LUCE Gradated Supportive Aqua Blue Mesh White Body Office Chair with Polished Base is designed by the world renowned industrial design house, Giugiaro Design.
A simple design that is light, easy and with a functiona beauty.
The compact and light feel leaves an open and airy feeling in the office space.
Aluminum Base: 
Upholstery: Gradated Mesh Back / Fabric Seat.
Upholstery Colors: Aqua Blue.
Innovative and airy shape.
OKAMURA LUCE Office Chair uses innovative technologies to fit with your body throughout all postural changes from sitting to standing.
Its “smart relaxation” mechanism absorbs most of the impact to your body when you sit down and provides a relaxing embrace.
LUCE Innovative Office Chair also facilitates standing, by gently pushing the buttocks upwards, making it particularly suitable for active work scenarios where you are required to stand up frequently.
As you sit, LUCE embraces you; the seat incline smoothly levels for a seamless transition into the chair.

Robot Leg Technology
The Robot Leg was developed through research into mechanics of human bones and muscles that can "jump" and "land" on the ground just like us.
OKI Electric Industry's expertise accumulated during the Robot Leg development combined with OKAMURA's expertise in chair development gave birth to a totally new chair LUCE.
LUCE Robot Leg Technology
LUCE Smart Relaxation Seat.
The forward tilted seat gently greets the body and supports the seating to ease the weight load to the thighs and the lower back.
The forward tilted seat flexibly adjusts the angle of seating at the maximum of 15 degrees that provides the proper seating position from an ergonomic aspect.
The backrest reclines at maximum of 15 degrees with synchro-tilt function achieving a comfort.
LUCE Smart Relaxation Seat
LUCE Gradated Supportive Mesh.
The gradation in the mesh fabric is a cutting-edge technology which has made it possible to change the mesh density to create support wher needed.
The area around the lumbar is highly dense for firm support, while the upper back area is less dense to provide a soft and comfortable fit. The gradated design is appeallng in both aesthetic and functionality.
LUCE Gradated Supportive Mesh
From large meetings to smaller discussions.
OKAMURA LUCE Chairs designed to be flexible and to adapt to your needs.
Where do you work with whom or by yourself?
Is it going to be a collaborative meeting or privately concentrated work on your own?
You decide how to use the LUCE chair.
Enjoy endless ways to be creative with the LUCE chair.
Okamura LUCE Conference & Meeting Chairs

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