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OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair

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OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair
OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair OKAMURA DUKE Leather Chair
DUKE Frame
DUKE Backrest
Price : 2 675,- €
Made in: OKAMURA, Japan
Product condition: Brand new chair in original packaging
Load: 130 kg
Width: 53 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Height: 146 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Package dimensions: 98x80x135 cm
Delivery time (weeks): 14 - 16
Terms valid for: EU
OKAMURA DUKE Comfortable Black Leather Executive Office Chair with Extra High Back provides ABSOLUTE COMFORT POSSIBLE. DUKE chair uses the world’s most advanced seating technology and stylish design.

OKAMURA DUKE Innovative and Comfortable Black Leather Executive Office Chair with Extra High Back combines innovative design with sound ergonomics, embodied in its "Active Back Support" and "Smart Operation" features.
OKAMURA DUKE Leather Executive Office Chair provides an unsurpassed level of comfort. From its sophisticated frame line to its superior upholstery, every detail has been carefully designed and crafted.
DUKE Office Chair has two unique ergonomic systems
that bring office seating to a newlevel of comfort, style and function:
- Active Back Support System
Active Back Structure consists of the three elements:
Mold urethane cushioning, Honeycomb-Resin shell and Aluminium frame.
- Smart Operation System
Simply squeeze Hand Levers under the armrest cover to adjust to your preferred height (Right lever), or to lock and unlock the backrest tilt (Left lever).
Plastic Shell:
Aluminum Frame: 
Polished, Silver or Black.
- Leather Back / Leather Seat.
Upholstery Color: Black Leather.
Headrest: without or with Extra High Adjustable Headrest.

Lumbar Support.
Castors: Soft or Hard.

OKAMURA DUKE Comfortable Seating Features:
1. Synchro-Reclining Mechanism
The DUKE series features comfortable seating and a synchro-reclining mechanism, as well as Okamura’s own “smart operation” that enables the user to make adjustments to match one’s natural posture while sitting.

2. Seat Height Adjustment
This can be adjusted by holding the front end lever of the right armrest.
If you hold the lever while putting your weight on the seat, the seat will lower.
When you release the lever, the seat is locked in the desired position.
To raise the seat, stand up from the seat while holding the lever.

3. Reclining Position Lock
The reclining angle can be adjusted with the lever located in the left armrest.
Lean back and hold and release the lever in the reclined position to lock the back in position.
Hold and release the lever again and then slightly put your weight on the back to unlock and return to free state.

4. Title Tension Adjustment
Tension of the back support can be adjusted by turning the grip located underneath the seat on the right hand side.
The tension will increase in the order from 1 to 4 with the number positioned at the top of the dial.
Adjust it to suit your needs.
Operate in the state of free locking without leaning against the backrest.
Make sure to use in position 1, 2, 3 or 4. Do not use at some midpoint between those positions.

5. Seat Depth Adjustment
With the slide lever below the seat on the left hand side backward and forward up to 50mm.
Adjust it to suit your needs.

6. Lumbar Support
The height can be adjusted by moving the back lumbar support lever up and down (50mm) with both hands.

7. Large Adjustable Headrest
The headrest is adjustable up and down (75 mm) or backward and forward by turning it.
Hold the upper part of the headrest and adjust slowly. Adjust it to suit your needs.

8. Soft or Hard or Castors
The chair rolls on large-diameter 75mm casters to minimize resistance when moving while seated and reduces strain on the lower back.
Hard casters for carpet or Soft polyurethane casters for hard flooring.

9. ACTIVE BACK Meshanism
Duke's unique Active Back Mechanism makes absolute comfort possible and sets a new standard for office seating comfort and personal style.

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