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OKAMURA SABRINA Iconic Design Chair

An Iconic Design of OKAMURA SABRINA Chair.
Ring Structure:

This one whole part of ring structure, which will be a synonym for Sabrina, is newly developed, full of technology.
While the center frame firmly supports the person sitting, the side frame, forking left and right, allows for an adequate amount of bending to follow the weight distribution of the body.
A highly permeable mesh fabric provides a flexible and comfortable sitting condition.
In Okamura philosophy, comfortability and design does not contradict but interconnect.
Sabrina OKAMURA Design Chair is another representation of this.
Holding the body and following the body movement both during sitting experience - made possible with one simple part, a symbolic ring structure. Streamlined design of the part is coherently seen in adjustable arms and aluminum legs as well.
You can see this iconic ring structure not just in back view but from front view through permeable mesh back for which you have ample color variation to choose from.
Welcome to the Sabrina OKAMURA world of the beautiful marriage between Japanese state-of-the-art technology and Italian world-renowned design.
          Дизайнерские Кресла SABRINA

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