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Office Chair Moteo sets the tone for an independent office culture. Its design focuses on the essentials. The distinctive curvature of the back supports the seat and back upholstery in minimalist design. The backrest, seat and armrests interlock, flowing smoothly together.
The foam structure contains intelligent regulation mechanisms: the celligence®-system. The intuitive system follows an individual’s dimensions and habits, it provides fantastic support while you sit. The feeling of weightlessness combined with support is the secret of Moteo’s healthy comfort.
The Klöber celligence®-system reinvents the ergonomics of office chairs with an innovative foam structure in the seat and back upholstery. The airflow within the foam constantly follows the sitting position to support the posture. The celligence-system keeps the sitter active at four key points: The lumbar support ensures that the lower back is in a state of equilibrium, the pelvic support gives a balanced posture, the shoulder support takes care of lateral movement to the right and left, and there is also pelvic positioning to ensure a straight back. The system reacts auto-adaptively, initiated by movement and body weight. The air pressure in the seat can be manually adjusted for individual comfort.

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Moteo Style
Uniting ergonomics and emotion is a key theme of Moteo Style office chair design.
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