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Hi Tech Executive Office Furniture.
Hi Tech
( High Technology) as the style of the interior appeared in the 30s of the twentieth century, but the development and was especially popular at the end of the century. This style is also carried the name of rationalism.
At the beginning of the XXI century Hi Tech is one of the most popular and current styles in the
design of offices. This style originated from the design of industrial premises and so all the elements of the situation in such a style is subject to a functional purpose.
The most commonly used materials in Hi Tech Office Furniture are glass, metal and plastic.
High-tech, as none of the other styles, this is the epitome of modern fashion, which simply can not walk out of step with the progress.
Therefore, it is the Style of Hi-Tech Design is ideal for working a modern man who keeps up with the times.
МOBILIARDI® Offers High Quality Modern Executive Office Furniture in Hi Tech Style.

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Table with glass top and metal legs from Italy.
Price from1 170,-
Hi-Tech Furniture 70's
Fluid space from the Greek designer Nicolas Chachamis.
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Fill Evo Glass
Aesthetics and functionality united. Modern Glass Office Furniture FILL EVO formed by glass desks ...
Price from2 327,-
DIVO Glass
Glass top desks are available in five colours: whte, black, red, chocolate and satin.
Price from5 724,-
CUBO Due Glass
Price2 759,-
X-Time Work Glass
Italian office furniture with various embodiments tops and legs.
Price from2 206,-
X-Time Work Next Glass
Price from2 468,-
Hi-tech Furniture XT with RING legs
Hi-tech Office Furniture X-Time Work with RING legs.
Price from2 827,-
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