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Office furniture
Executive Office Furniture

Office Furniture Business

Business Class Executive Office Furniture is the production of melamine particleboard (MFC) or MDF.
Office Furniture Business including well-designed executive desks, meeting tables, pedestals, service units, cabinets and chairs.
Office Furniture Business provides the solutions for your executive office.
Office Furniture Business provides a wide range of materials and finishes that allow different combinations and configurations, so as to meet the needs of a working environment which is young and dynamic but simple and elegant at the same time.
МOBILIARDI® offers Executive Office Furniture for Business, more than 20 years of experience and knowledge of the latest trends in Business Furniture Design.

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X7 Open
Price from4 206,- EUR
X7 Ring
Price from4 464,- EUR
Price from1 782,- EUR
X8 White
Price from1 782,- EUR
Delta Evo
Price from2 980,- EUR
Price from1 496,- EUR
Price from1 350,- EUR
EOS L-shape
Price from5 387,- EUR
Fill Evo
Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, FILL EVO is designed in order to fully meet the ...
Price from2 180,- EUR
Discount20 %
Price from2 230,- EUR
Discount10 %
Fill Evo Glass
Aesthetics and functionality united. Modern Glass Office Furniture FILL EVO formed by glass desks ...
Price from1 610,- EUR
Discount20 %
DIVO Glass
Glass top desks are available in five colours: whte, black, red, chocolate and satin.
Price from4 293,- EUR
Discount25 %
Executive Office Furniture Ovalino. Technical report and general characteristics. Writing Desk: ...
Price from3 651,- EUR
Fill Evo Panel
Suited to any executive working environment.
Price from2 717,- EUR
Discount25 %
CUBO Due Glass
Price2 207,- EUR
Discount20 %
Hi-Tech Furniture 70's
Fluid space from the Greek designer Nicolas Chachamis.
Price from1 911,- EUR
Discount12 %
X7 Glass
Price from4 054,- EUR
Steel Frame Desk BE
BE EXECUTIVE Steel Frame Office Desk.
Price1 322,- EUR
Glass Desk BE
BE EXECUTIVE Glass Desk With Extension.
Price1 419,- EUR
Desk with Extension BE
Wood BE EXECUTIVE Desk With Extension.
Price from658,- EUR
Desk with Side Extension BE
BE EXECUTIVE Wood Desk With External Side Extension.
Price650,- EUR
Office Furniture STRATOS PLUS
Price from3 382,- EUR
Discount10 %
Office Furniture STRATOS
Price from1 309,- EUR
MFC Furniture XT with STOP legs
MFC Office Furniture X-Time Work with STOP legs.
Price from2 258,- EUR
T45 V1 Desk Wenge - White 200/194/73 with RH structural return and 3 drawers, PVC soft 1 T45 V2 ...
Price from1 533,- EUR
Discount5 %
X-Time Work Glass
Italian office furniture with various embodiments tops and legs.
Price from2 534,- EUR
T45 Decor
The new managerial collection T45 is characterized by extremely clean lines and strong personality, ...
Price from1 913,- EUR
Discount10 %
X-Time Work Next Glass
Price from2 904,- EUR
Hi-tech Furniture XT with RING legs
Hi-tech Office Furniture X-Time Work with RING legs.
Price from2 827,- EUR
Furniture ENOSI EVO
Executive Office Furniture ENOSY EVO, LAS MOBILI.
Price4 494,- EUR
Discount20 %
Executive Desk with Service Unit ENOSI EVO.
Price2 219,- EUR
Discount10 %
White furniture ENOSI EVO
White Finish Office Furniture ENOSI EVO.
Price3 614,- EUR
Discount20 %
White desks ENOSI EVO
White Executive Office Desks ENOSI EVO.
Price4 431,- EUR
Discount20 %
Desk With Red Table Top ENOSI EVO
Executive Desk With Red GlassTable Top ENOSI EVO.
Furniture ENOSI EVO ENS5016
Executive Office Furniture ENOSY EVO LAS MOBILI.
Furniture ENOSI EVO ENS5017
Executive Office Furniture ENOSY EVO LAS MOBILI.
Furniture ENOSI EVO ENS5018
Italian Walnut Color Executive Office Furniture ENOSY EVO LAS MOBILI.
JERA Desk with close panel
Executive JERA Desk 210x105x76 with close back panel
Price2 503,- EUR
Discount15 %
JERA Desk with open panel
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Furniture JERA - 5101
Send Request For Price Quotation.
Furniture JERA - 5102
Send Request For Price Quotation.
Furniture JERA - 5103
Send Request For Price Quotation.
Furniture JERA - 5104
Send Request For Price Quotation.
Furniture JERA - 5105
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Furniture JERA - 5106
Send Request For Price Quotation.
Furniture JERA - 5107
Send Request For Price Quotation.
Fill HG
Polished, reflective, chrome, white, black. FILL HG, LAS MOBILI charms the executive environment ...
Price from3 277,- EUR
Discount15 %
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Meeting Room Table ENS0375
Squared Meeting Room Table ENOSI EVO in the colours Noce Pasific.
Price1 746,- EUR
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